Our History

The SADTA is the longest running professional association in South Africa!

Today the South African Dance Teachers’ Association offers many different styles of dance not limited to: Ballroom, Latin American, Freestyle, Disco Dance, Social Dance, Line Dance and Belly Dance.

The Association has, over the years, been run by some of the most experienced dance professionals in the world.

As far back as 1962, the SADTA has seen Chairmen, known to South Africa and the world, play an integral role in building the association, they have been the pillars of strength that have contributed to the ongoing success of the SADTA.


Jack Calder | June van der Westhuizen | Oliver Styger | Gloria Fish | Mary Burman | Adelaine Rosenburg | Jessie Liddel | Carol Solomon (Kinman) | Elize Cogle (Present)


Discussions were entered into in forming as association


The South African Dance Teachers’ Association was formed.


Jack Calder signed the tray presented to Alex Moore.


The skating marking system was formed, which the SADTA still uses to this very day.


The SADTA was one of 12 countries forming part of the ICBD (The International Council of Ballroom Dancing) known today as the WDC (World Dance Council)


Mary Berman formed the Western Cape Branch of the Association.


Dancing was being seen on television in the United Kingdom. 

First time that year that a team was sent from South Africa to dance against Australia and England in the first Team Match.


The SADTA became part of the World Dance Council which also included Freestyle and Disco.


The first SADTA Dance Championships were held, overseen by Mary Burman, and run under the auspices of the SANCBD (South African National Council of Ballroom Dancing).


Planning was entered into in forming the Eastern Cape branch of the association under Miranda Botha. 


The Eastern Cape Branch was Officially Formed in February 1997.


The Free State Branch was formed