Ballroom, Latin American, Rhythm and Smooth

Amateur Registration

Registration Fees for 2024


Ballroom, Latin American, Rhythm and Smooth Registration!

Complete Sections 1,2,3&4 where applicable

If you are unsure of anything it is advised to either download the Registration or Application Forms as a reference or alternatively please seek the advise of your Studio Head or Trainer. 

  • Upon completion of all applicable Registration and or Application Forms, please submit together with proof of payment and all supporting documents.

  • No application will be accepted without proof of payment!


How to complete the Online Registration Form

  1. All applicable supporting documents as are mentioned in the ‘Checklist’ provided, including proof of payment must be attached on the Registration Form.

  2. Strictly use png, jpeg, jpg, gif and/or pdf files. All other formats are not supported and can result in problems arising when trying to complete your submission.

  3. Registration Forms will not be processed without proof of payment.

  4. Completed Registration Forms will be received by the Respective Branch of the Association in which you reside. 
  5. A copy of Registration Form will be emailed as confirmation of your Submission.
  6. If any Complications arise please contact

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Amateur Registration

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  • SADTA Amateur Registration Fund | FNB | Acc No' 622 1078 6888 | Cheque Account | Northmead 250112

Section 1. Competitors Information

    Competitors Personal Details

  • Identification and Passport Details

  • Contact Details


Section 2. Studio Contact Details



Section 3. Ballroom and Latin American


Section 4. Smooth and Rhythm