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Line Dance

A list of appointed dances, scripts and videos are available for 2022-2023. Please ensure that you are familiar with the appointed dances with all information provided to you on the links provided below DANCES 2022-2023

For detailed information and an queries related to the above, it is advised that you contact the Head of the Line Dance Division of the SADTA Noel Roos. as can be found on the Line Dance Devisions page.

Dances 2022-2023

Medal Test Syllabus Development Chart

Examinations to be taken in the following, strict sequential order applications must

Levels Recommended Age Groups
Tiny Tots 0-4 years old
Pre-Teens 5-12 years old
Social Bronze 13 Years and older
Bronze Bar  
Bronze Medal  
Silver Bar  
Silver Medal  
Gold Bar  
Golden Scroll  
Blue Riband  
Emerald Star  

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Rule Book

There are changes to the rules in 2019/2020. To make it simpler to see where, changes are in red text. Please make sure you still read the rules all the way through and become familiar with them.

Please read the rules carefully before your first World Dance Masters competition of the new dance year.

The World Dance Masters Rule Book is a short PDF document of all the rules used for our worldwide competitions. All competitors must read and understand the rules before the first competition. If there are any questions around the rules, please make use of the contact details provided under the Line Dance Devision. 

For access and download of the Rule Book Please use the link provided below: 

World Dance Masters Rule Book is available on the following website:

Status Points