Ballroom is an acquired and sophisticated style that has lived since medieval times and still remains a popular couples dance form with thanks to shows such Strictly Come Dancing. Ballroom is commonly known for crossing the generation gap with students of all ages participating well into senior and master categories, enjoyed socially and competitively!

Medal Test Syllabus Development Chart

Examinations to be taken in the following, strict sequential order:

LevelsRecommended Age Groups
One Dance TestsOptional – all ages
Level 1,2,3,4Optional – all ages
Tiny Tots 1st Star Test4-7 years old
Tiny Tots 2nd Star Test4-7 years old
Tiny Tots 3rd Star Test4-7 years old
Tiny Tots 4th Star Test4-7 years old
Pre-BadgeJuveniles 12 years and under only
Badge 1Juveniles 12 years and under only
Badge 2Juveniles 12 years and under only
Badge 3Juveniles 12 years and under only
Pre-Bronze Diploma 
Bronze Bar Diploma 
Bronze Medal Diploma 
Silver Bar Diploma 
Silver Medal Diploma 
Gold Bar Diploma 
Gold Diploma 
Golden ScrollAdults 15 years and over only
Blue Ribband DiplomaAdults 16 years and over only
Emerald Star DiplomaAdults 17 years and over only
Annual AwardAdults 17 years and over only

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Images captured by Robert Harris and TEAM OPTICS / Optical Noise Photography

Dancer wishing to compete can enter into any of the following categories:

  • Age Groups
    • Juvenile U12 | Junior U16 | Youth U21 | Adult 21&O | Senior 35&O | Masters 45&O | Professional 21&O

  • Levels
    • Beginner (level 1) 2 Dance WQ
    • Bronze (Level 2) 3 Dance WTQ
    • Silver (Level 3) 4 Dance WTFQ
    • Gold (Level 4) 5 Dance WTVFQ
    • Novice 4 Dance WTFQ
    • Pre-Championship 5 Dance WTVFQ
    • Championship 5 Dance WTVFQ
    • Professional 5 Dance WTVFQ

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