Amateur Registration


During a ‘Climate for Change’ the SADTA has had to undergo many changes to its overall structure while implementing new changes to the format in which we present ourselves to the Amateur and Professional World of Dance. Everyone was forced into streamlining and maintaining a strong online presence, while still offering value added services. 

The Platform in which registrations are done has changed drastically and every Branch of the SADTA has the privilege and responsibility of maintaining and managing Registrations and Applications for Competitive Dancers. 

Please note that all Registrations and or Applications will be managed through each Branch of the association, it is therefore your duty to please ensure that you either download the correct Registration or Application Forms associated to each Branch, or ensure you are filling in the correct Online Registration Form for the respective Branch. We need to ensure that Application Forms sent find their way to the right individuals for processing!

We offer both Online Registration, Application and Downloadable PDF’s, all of which will have the information attached associated to the Branch to which you are applying.