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Professional Freestyle Qualification

Procedure for Affiliation:

  • Must relinquish amateur status. Once you are an affiliate you may not be re-instated as an amateur
  • Fill in Affiliation application form and send to the SADTA Branch in your province
  • Pay annual Affiliation Fee
  • Please note: This is not a qualification and you may not advertise that you are an Affiliate or a Member of the SADTA.
  1. Affiliate to the SADTA
    1. An Affiliate is a dance professional who joins a professional association for the purpose of obtaining…
    2. A teachers qualification
    3. Information of upcoming events and competition entry forms
    4. Development of teaching skills by attending training seminars
    5. Be eligible to adjudicate (once qualified).
    6. Be internationally recognised
  2. Attend Professional Freestyle Training Course
    1. The SADTA offer professional teachers training in all grades from Student to Fellow.
    2. Please note:
    3. We are a training body and will supply you with the Medal test syllabus up to the grade you are qualifying for as well as lectures pertinent to that grade. It is advisable to know the dances before coming on course so as to facilitate your learning experience. Lessons may be booked with any Licentiate qualified Teacher.

SADTA Professional Freestyle Training Course

Please see our Calendar for the next available Freestyle Training Course