Ballroom, Latin and Social

Amateur Registration

Registration Fees for 2021


Ballroom and Latin 
and/or Social Registration!

Complete Sections 1,2,3&4 where applicable

If you are unsure of anything it is advised to either download the Registration or Application Forms as a reference or alternatively please seek the advise of your Studio Head or Trainer. 

  • Upon completion of all applicable Registration and or Application Forms, please submit together with proof of payment and all supporting documents.

  • No application will be accepted without proof of payment!

Download Ballroom, Latin and Social Registration Forms

Ballroom and Latin Registration Forms

Includes Social Registration Form!

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Free State Online Registration

Amateur Registration

    Registration Forms

  • SADTA Amateur Registration Fund | FNB | Acc No' 622 1078 6888 | Cheque Account | Northmead 250112

Section 1. Competitors Information

    Competitors Personal Details

  • Identification and Passport Details

  • Contact Details


Section 2. Studio Contact Details

    Studio Contact Details


Section 3. Ballroom and Latin Registration Form

  • 1. Ballroom Status

  • 2. Latin Status


Section 4. Social

  • 1. Smooth and Standard

  • 2. Rhythm and Latin